The first camera, a legendary Kodak  branch,  he got from his aunt living abroad when he was only seven. However, he was bored with it because he preferred to play football. He got back to the forgotten camera years later, in his adult life. And it all started... from the first photo of a student getting ready to her exam on the bench in the park. Since that time, he had known he devoted his heart to the photography. It started to be his work, passion and a way of life.

    He specializes in portraits, glamour and nude photos. He also does advertising photography. He prepares thoroughly for each photo sessions and he is a perfectionist in all details. He believes that shooting nudity required from the author to reach the top of skills and creativity.

    As he says, he often takes photos of the girls from neighbourhood to emphasize their beauty, magic, sensuality and delicate erotism. Thanks to his photo women regain self-confidence.

    He prefers black & white photography and finds it more mysterious demanding a talent and unique technical skills from an author. Black & white photo sessions devoted to the women give him the creative energy and power of imagination.

    He takes part in many photo competitions, his works you can watch in the galleries, the cafes and the private residences. He is an honorable mention in PLAYBOY FOTOEROTICA AWARD 2012 and PLAYBOY FOTOEROTICA AWARD 2013.
Adam Banasiak comes from Poland, he lives and works in Poznan.